Is it really that time (or it's FINALLY that time if you ask the kids haha)?! Senior photos, a right a passage, a moment in time when we are on the crest of the next adventure. Truly a seamless moment, however one worth capturing. I am here to make it the best it can be. 

Let's start with a few key topics.

Where do I start?

O the blank slate, or maybe you have a direction and just need the photographer? Either way here are a few points to consider:

- Location: Is this on location, if so where? Is this home? Is this a studio? Having a few simple ideas help give direction.

- Wardrobe: Is there weather to consider? Are we aiming for formal, fashion, or casual? How difficult are the pieces to manage? Will you need special accommodations to change?

- Style: Do you want clean, low edit photography? Glamour touches? High Artistic? This can be a mix and match. 

These are only a few points to consider, and other options can be discussed in our consult session. 

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