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Introduction - The Design

Hello, and welcome to what I have designed to be an evolution in accessibility to premiere photography solutions. 

Through the philosophy "The Design of Moment | Life | You",  we will craft a visual narrative that speaks more than 1000 words as each photo manifests the true emotion of the moment.     

The Technique 

One component to every art is technique. From the scratch of a pencil, stroke of a brush, or click of a shutter each artist must work throughout their life refining this seemingly simple concept. 

At the core of my experiences in 3D Animation, Marketing, Interactive Design, and Photography I have found several techniques overlap.

One such overlap is evolution. The ability to change with the times, adopt new styles, and convey in new and exciting ways. We grow only when we learn, and master only when we accept to never stop. I am excited by new processes, new technologies, and ultimately new ways to tell a story. 

My favorite overlap is meaningful interactions. From the corporate world of design, to the individual photo shoot this is the marked difference in my technique. I cannot lead a team, or place a single pixel with real meaning until I understand who I am working for, or what story we can really tell. 

Imagine if you will, not just a team photo shoot, or just another family photo for the yearly holiday cards. Rather an experience that is memorable. One that has additional meaning and memories of the time you had capturing the moment. 

About Andy

With 20 years of art and design experience, I bring a multitude of skill sets to my work. 

As a leader in global design/product marketing for Fortune 500 companies my attention to detail crafts each project and challenge into a journey. 

After many years, roles, and a multitude of visual markets I have provided services for, one thing remains constant; a piece is not complete until it tells a story. At our core we desire to project the narrative of our lives and passions. It is through this understanding I continue to pick up my camera, develop styles, and learn new skills to portray the life of the world around us. I look forward to learning your story, and conveying it in new, innovative ways.

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